How to Make Yourself Memorable on Cam

Imagine seeing:

- A cam girl’s eyes light up with excitement when she sees your username.
- Her completely ignoring almost everyone else and giving you her full attention.

Not only is this an attainable goal, but it can easily be reached! Our experts at TopChats have you covered with this informative guide.

Continually Engage and Be a Gentleman

Seems simple, right? That’s because it is! Be a gentleman by:

- NOT barking demands.
- Ask questions (How are you? How’s your day going? What kind of music are you listening to?)
- Tell her a bit about yourself.
- Give her nonsexual compliments, etc.

Cam models are human beings just like you, so why would you treat them any differently than you would a friend or a relative? We’ve covered this before in-depth, so have a look here at our cam etiquette guide.

Tip Big

- Big tips will get you noticed quickly.
- The more you tip, the more intense the vibration of her smart sex toy is.

This could even lead to a girl having a legit orgasm after you’ve tipped her enough. She’ll NEVER forget who you are after that!

Do Some Research Beforehand

Models have profiles for a reason. It’s their opportunity to tell the world a little about themselves. You can learn about:

- Their biggest turn-ons.
- What to expect from their live show
- Stats about their bra size, body type, etc.
- Their likes/dislikes/hobbies/etc.
- And way more!

Take some time to browse their profiles so you can enter their chat rooms with topics that will help break the ice almost immediately. “You listen to Led Zeppelin? So do I!”

Expand Your Contact Outside of Cam Shows

Some models might include their email address or links to their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Spend some time contacting them via those platforms. Of course, you want to keep it respectable and not go overboard, but there’s nothing wrong about sending her a quick hello or even thanking her for a performance.

Take Advantage of Cam2Cam

Nearly all models allow you to cam2cam during private shows. If you have a webcam, you should consider using this feature.

- Performers love seeing their guests enjoying their show.
- It puts a face to the username
- Helps you stay memorable in their eyes.

Spend Quality Time With Multiple Cam Babes

Now that you have all these tips, you can start taking advantage of them. Building meaningful relationships and chatting will come easy to you and, before you know it, YOU will be the expert! Now, how about testing the waters out for yourself?

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