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Livecam4 Review

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LiveCam4 is unlike any regular chat site. This site allows you to chat with numerous people on webcam simultaneously. You won’t have to talk with just one person on cam at a time, when using this site, you get to chat with up to 4 other individuals on webcam at the same time. This group chat environment is one of a kind and will allow you to meet tons of new people in shorter amounts of time.


LiveCam4 doesn’t follow the traditional one on one cam site style. When you enter this website, you’re brought to a text chat environment where you can see the list of online users as well as whether they are a boy, a girl or a couple. Click on any user of your choice to begin viewing their webcam. To make things even more interesting, click on several people so that you can view multiple webcams at the same time. LiveCam4 allows you to build a party on your computer screen with real people in no time! If you’re looking for a new type of chat site where you can chat with tons of individuals in short amounts of time, you’ll love LiveCam4. This group-like environment is the closest thing to having a virtual party on your computer screen. Get rid of awkward silences by chatting with multiple people simultaneously. With an intuitive layout, a simple one-page chat room and no hidden fees, this is the best way to spend some free time and get to know people from all over the globe.


  • LiveCam4 lets you chat as a male, a female or even as a couple. Chatting as a couple is a great way to have some fun on the internet with your partner.
  • You get to choose any nickname of your choice before entering the chat room.
  • You can browse numerous webcams simultaneously and see up to 4 different people on cam at the same time. This saves time and creates a group chat environment like no other.
  • LiveCam4 always has tons of people online making it a great way to spend some free time.
  • You can see whether a person is a girl, a boy or even a couple on cam before even opening up their webcam.
  • There is even an option to view only girls on cam.

User benefits

  • LiveCam4 brings you the ability to have fun with groups of people, which removes awkward silences and brings a party to your computer screen from the moment you open up the website.
  • Since it’s a unique concept, you won’t find this type of chat room anywhere else online.
  • LiveCam4 is absolutely free to use and there are no hidden fees.
  • Fast servers make for a great experience without any lag.

Pricing & hidden fees

  • 100% Free!
  • None Found

Drawbacks & complaints

  • Although LiveCam4 is extremely addictive, it does lack certain features. It would be nice to see more features added to this site because at the moment, it only has one main feature.

Popularity on Google

Google search trends show how popular Livecam4 is on the Google search engine. This is a good indicator of Livecam4's popularity over the last few years.

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